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8 Ways to Protect Your Child From Vehicle-Related Heatstroke in Arkansas

by on June 22, 2016 » Add the first comment.

Summer in Arkansas can get fairly steamy. Our climate, like most of the South, is hot and humid from June until September, making heat exhaustion and heatstroke a real risk. As the temperatures rise, read this refresher on child safety and driving during the summer. If your child has suffered contact an experienced Little Rock accident attorney for legal help and counsel.

The Tragic News of Heat-Related Deaths

Children under a certain age do not have the ability to unlock a vehicle or unlatch a car door. They are completely helpless in the confined space that can get incredibly hot in a short period of time. The media reports on tragic stories of a child or pet left in a hot vehicle every summer. Some are rescued in time, while others never have a chance.

Young children’s bodies heat up faster than an adult’s, meaning they have a small window of survival time in high temperatures. Parents, caretakers, and loved ones rarely ever intentionally leave a child in the car, but children sleep soundly and adults get distracted—it is a deadly combination. If you have lost a child, contact an experienced Little Rock wrongful death attorney for help.

Protecting Your Child

Whether you take your child into daycare every day or out on a quick errand, here are some tips you and your loved ones can use to protect all children from a serious tragedy:

  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle. Do not leave your child while you pay for a parking space, chat with a friend just outside, or run into the store for a quick purchase. Even if you have the windows rolled down and the AC blasting, you never know what can happen in a few short minutes.
  • Lock your vehicle when you are not in it. Once everyone has left the vehicle, lock it so a young child cannot decide it looks like a fun place to play.
  • Keep keys out of the reach of children. Keep your vehicle keys on a hook or in a locked drawer to prevent a small child from gaining access while unattended.
  • Check two places first if a child is missing. If you have a pool, check there first and then check the car. If you do not have a pool, always check a potentially hot car before looking elsewhere. A few minutes can mean the difference between life and death in these situations. Check trunks and compartments, too.
  • Post reminders to help you. If you do not normally take the kids to daycare on your way to work, put a note on your window or steering wheel to help you remember. Consider keeping your briefcase, purse, or phone in the backseat to ensure you do not forget.
  • Keep tabs on all of your child’s caretakers. Some parents rely on an au pair or a young babysitter during the summer months. If your child is getting into a new routine, let the caretaker know that you will be checking in. Take the same steps if a relative takes your child for the day. A simple call to make sure everyone is where he/she needs to be can save a life.
  • Cool the vehicle before loading up. Your child can suffer from heatstroke without being locked in unattended. Get the airflow up before you insert the car seat and head out. Make sure your child gets plenty of air in the backseat, especially if your vehicle has no rear vents.
  • Get involved if you see a child unattended in a vehicle. If you see a child or a pet in crisis, call 911. If necessary, you have the right to take action to save a child from immediate danger. Answer all first responder questions to reduce the risk of another preventable heat-related fatality.

If someone endangers your child in a hot summer vehicle, reach out to the Law Offices of Thomas G. Buchanan for a free legal consultation with an experienced and successful Little Rock personal injury lawyer.

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