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Victims of accidents which end in the traumatic amputation of one or more limbs face a lifetime of challenges and difficulties that is hard to put into words. Even with the constant advances in modern prosthetic limbs, many things are still impossible for people who suffer these tragic injuries. In an instant, the way of life for an amputation injury victim is changed and they must now learn how to cope with their new lifestyle.

When facing trying circumstances such as these, turn to the elite Little Rock amputation injury attorneys here at the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan. Our experienced attorneys will aggressively litigate your case to seek the maximum recovery you will need after you or a loved one’s accident.

Cost of Living Increases

Victims of accidents which require the amputation of one or more of their limbs will likely face extensive medical bills. These medical expenses can even continue to show up, years after the injury took place, as further lifestyle modifications may need to be made. After a person undergoes an amputation, a prosthetic limb may be needed for the victim to continue to function in their day to day lives. The average cost for a simple prosthetic can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, as the victim ages the prosthetic may need to be altered or replaced completely — resulting in further expenses. Furthermore, a person with a prosthetic limb may need to make updates to their home to accommodate their new way of life.

All of these expenses have the potential to continually surface, long after the initial amputation took place. It is due to this that victims of amputation injuries should seek professional amputation injury attorneys with a background in making maximum recoveries. Only via a maximum settlement, often after a trial, can full financial compensation be reached. Speak with our top personal injury attorneys today to discuss the specifics of your case.

Accident Types

The seasoned Little Rock amputation injury attorneys at our law firm have helped victims seek recoveries from these types of tragic accidents including, but not limited to:

Contact our expert trial attorneys today, a full recovery is often the only way to mitigate the soaring expenses associated with amputation injuries.

Courageous Litigation for Maximized Recoveries

Over the past decade our top law firm has helped victims seek full recoveries due to brain damage injuries. We regularly accept tough, challenging, and high-stakes cases that others simply turn down or shy away from. In our time serving the greater Arkansas area, the experienced Little Rock brain damage injury attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan have consistently averaged a recovery figure of over half a million dollars. This fact alone helps illustrate the tenacity and integrity that our personal injury attorneys carry with them into the courtroom — for every client, every day.

Serious injuries demand serious litigation. The pain and suffering after one of these injuries can last a lifetime; victims will need a total compensation figure that will continue to provide for them, long after their accident took place. Contact the experienced Little Rock brain damage attorneys at our law firm today. With our unparalleled legal expertise we can aggressively help you towards a maximum recovery for your injury or loss. Our law office can be reached at 501.296.9820. Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail and we will respond to you in a timely manner.

Don’t let this injury dictate how you live your life; our courageous, caring, and committed attorneys are here for you during this difficult time. Please call or contact us today.



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