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For many people, bus transportation is one of the safest ways to travel.  However, for anyone that has been involved in a bus crash, that mode of travel may have resulted in injuries, damages or death that is just as devastating as the aftermath of any other type of vehicle accident.  The Little Rock, AR, law firm of Thomas G. Buchanan offers caring, courageous and committed service to each and every client, every day.  If you have been injured in a bus accident, call our law firm immediately to quickly get on the road to financial recovery.

Our Little Rock auto accident lawyers have been practicing law in the area of vehicle accidents for over 13 years.  They know Arkansas and Federal law as it applies to bus transportation and commercial carrier responsibility.  Some bus accidents occur due to negligence in driving and some due to defects in manufacturing.  Defective products and equipment causes vehicle accidents that result in severe injury to passengers, drivers and others every day in the United States.  Distracted drivers are another major cause of bus accidents.

Although travel by bus is strictly regulated, accidents still happen.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009, bus accidents were the cause of 221 fatalities.  Highway travel is generally safe, but problems occur when a driver lacks experience, is drinking, or driving at excessive speeds.  Weather may also be a problem, especially when roads are wet or icy.

Bus crashes are particularly traumatic because a large number of people on the bus may be injured or killed all at once in an accident.  A rollover in a bus can destroy the vehicle and cause severe injuries to passengers trapped inside.  Recovery expenses may cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.  Typical damages in a bus accident include injuries or deaths from being ejected from the vehicle, broken bones and bruises from being tossed around inside the vehicle, and there may be major loss of income due to injuries and recovery time.  Additional medical expenses may include long term physical therapy, psychological treatment and in-home care.

Anyone injured in a bus accident has the legal right to recover fair compensation for their injuries.  New laws requiring passengers on school buses and other motor coaches to have a lap/shoulder restraint system can help reduce injuries, but negligence is hard to overcome.  Bus drivers that are careless, drinking and driving, speeding or driving while distracted continue to cause tragic bus accidents.

For caring, courageous and committed legal advice, contact the law office of Thomas Buchanan, in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Tom and Beth give large-firm quality service and results to each and every client, every day, while offering the same personal attention expected from a smaller law firm.

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