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Little Rock Construction Accident Statistics

According to U.S. government statistics tracked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,547 fatal work injuries in 2010, 751 of which occurred within the construction industry. Mining fatalities totaled 172, a 74 percent increase over 2009 fatalities. The construction trades saw fatal accidents take lives during construction of new buildings, heavy equipment operation, civil engineering activities and in specialty contractor work

In the same year, there were 150,000 construction injury accidents that resulted in billions of dollars of damages, expenses and lost wages. At the law firm of Thomas G. Buchanan, Tom and Beth have given their dutiful attention to many personal injury construction accident cases and helped their clients recover millions of dollars in work-related injury claims. The goal in every client case is to maximize leverage allowed by the law firm’s vast resources and experience with such accident cases. We give our clients big-firm advantages with small-firm attention, every day.

If you have become one of many on the long list of construction accidents, your best interest is served by seeking competent, caring legal representation from the Little Rock, AR, law firm of Thomas G. Buchanan. Our client-focused methods of work and high standards have gained our law firm an excellent reputation in the legal community. Other lawyers send their tougher cases our way because they know we can get results. This means our clients can rely upon us to help them recover from their injuries and mitigate the devastating financial interruptions that a construction accident brings into their lives.

Some injuries are caused by pure negligence and inattention to details of safety regulations. If a contractor neglects to adequately mark dangerous areas, not follow OSHA and landowner rules or not provide safety equipment like protective railings, safe ladders and scaffolding, they are probably liable for injuries that occur. Most bodily harm in construction accidents happens to workers’ spines, backs and trunks.

Falls are a leading cause of head injuries, broken or fractured bones and sometimes death. Heavy and dangerous equipment can fail or be defective, causing serious injury to workers. Fire and explosions can harm ears, eyes and the body. Construction work sites may use harmful chemicals that cause damage to lungs, resulting in diseases that may only become apparent years later. Even with proper safety precautions, accidents happen during hazardous work.

Courageous Litigation for Maximized Recoveries

Over the past decade our top law firm has helped victims seek recoveries for construction accidents. In our time serving the greater Arkansas area, the experienced Little Rock construction accident attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan have consistently averaged a recovery figure of over half a million dollars. This fact alone helps illustrate the tenacity and integrity that our construction accident attorneys carry with them into the courtroom — for every client, every day.  A tenacious and aggressive attorney like Thomas Buchanan works hard on behalf of every client, with a goal to see that proper and fair compensation is allocated to each client for their injuries. If you have been injured on a construction job, contact attorney Buchanan to discuss the details of your case. Get started on the road of recovery with an attorney who is at your side from start to finish.

Don’t let a worksite injury dictate how you live your life; our courageous, caring, and committed accident attorneys are here for you during this difficult time. Please call or contact us today.

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