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Accidents that happen on construction work sites can cause severe bodily injury or death quickly.  In just a moment, a brush with a dangerous piece of equipment can end a career or a life. Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations, according to Bureau of Labor statistics for workplace injuries and fatalities.  Much of the problem is related to working with large, heavy or dangerous materials and equipment and working at high elevations as buildings are constructed.

Scaffolding accidents and falls make up the majority of construction accident injuries.  A worker that falls from a height of 40 stories or more will most likely die or incur drastic head, spine or neck injuries.  Little Rock, AR, attorney Thomas Buchanan is very familiar with crane accidents.  Tom and Beth have over 13 years experience with crane accidents and other personal injury accidents.

According to the 2006 Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries, about 80 fatalities occur in the construction industry every year.  There were 72 in 2006, and the number varies slightly each year.  Workers operating cranes are subject to electrocution through contact with electrical current, being crushed by other falling objects and falls during operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Another part of this problem that is industry-wide is the presence of uneducated workers that do not understand OSHA rules.  Illegal workers also find good pay but no job security and constant danger in these jobs.  Their injuries may go unreported and they have no recourse if injured.  Employers that do not pay workers’ compensation insurance on these workers are committing a crime but they do it to cut costs on jobs.

Recovery from construction accidents can be slow or worse.  A person may lose their job and be unable to return to work.  They may be killed by falling or getting caught up in dangerous equipment.  The job hazards can be long lasting, as has been seen with mesothelioma cancer started from exposure to asbestos materials decades earlier.  Expenses can be on-going and very high.  It is right to seek compensation for your personal injury claims.

Passersby are also apt to become injured in construction-related accidents if they are struck by falling equipment, debris or scaffolding.  If you or a family member has experienced an injury near a construction area or due to working at a construction site, contact the law firm of Thomas G. Buchanan, Little Rock, AR.  Get caring, courageous and committed legal representation on a personal level.  We have high standards for ourselves and your outcome.  Call today.

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