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How to File an Accident Claim With Safeco Insurance Company

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If you’re insured with Safeco, you need to know how to file an accident claim. Preparing yourself for a car accident before one happens is the best way to drive with confidence and peace of mind. If you’ve been in an accident, this how-to guide will explain the necessary steps for filing a claim. Eliminate the stress of the claims process by learning how to contact Safeco and take control when the unexpected occurs.

Before the Crash: Print Safeco’s Auto Accident Guide

Prudent drivers like to be prepared for anything – especially a harmful car accident. Safeco Insurance provides the perfect guide for such drivers: the Auto Accident Guide. Print this guide and keep it in your vehicle in case of an accident.

The first page of the Guide has dozens of helpful tips for what to do before and after an accident, including putting together an emergency kit to keep in your car. Their “Accident Checklist” provides a step-by-step list of what to do if you’re in a crash. Here are the first five on the list:

1. Get the injured help
2. Call the police
3. Warn oncoming traffic
4. Remain calm
5. Don’t admit fault

Keeping this list on your person or in your car can make a significant difference if you end up in an accident. Instead of relying on your memory, use Safeco’s handy list to ensure you don’t miss an important step.

The second page of the Auto Accident Guide lists the questions the insurance agent will ask you when you call to report the accident. You can fill out this form directly, writing your answers in the space provided. There’s also a space on the bottom of the page to sketch your accident, depicting the direction each vehicle was traveling at the time of the crash.

Call 1-800-332-3226 for Claims Assistance

Safeco Insurance Company is available around the clock, 24/7, to answer your call. After an accident, call Safeco at 1-800-332-3226 as soon as possible. Make sure you’re in a safe location before you make the call. The sooner you begin the claims process, the faster the insurance agent can help you. The agent that answers your call will ask you a long list of questions about your accident. Gather the following information to adequately answer the agent’s queries:

– Time and location of the accident
– How the accident happened
– Year, make, and model of other cars involved
– Description of each vehicle’s damages
– Extent of any injuries to those in the accident
– Names and contact information of others involved, such as the other driver, witnesses, and police officers on the scene

If your Safeco policy includes collision coverage, the company will immediately arrange to send a tow truck to the scene of the accident and move your vehicle. Answer the agent’s questions fully and truthfully. Hiding details about the crash will only hurt you in the future.

Insurance Claim FAQs


When will I hear back from my agent?

Your Safeco insurance agent will typically get back to you regarding your accident within 24 hours after your first conversation. The agent will discuss what happens next, what your policy will cover, and answer any questions you might have. Your agent will tell you to get an estimate of your vehicle’s damages and report back to Safeco. From there, you can track your insurance claim through your Safeco online account.

Should I contact an attorney?  

Your insurance company has your best interests in mind when you report a crash, but it does not have the means to give you legal advice in accidents involving negligence. If you believe the other driver or another party was negligent and that this caused or contributed to your accident, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

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