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Victims of spinal cord injuries face some of the toughest challenges in life. In the blink of an eye, many abilities that those of us without these injuries take for granted are suddenly stripped away. Depending on the severity of the spinal cord injury a victim may lose the ability to move their legs, arms, neck, or in extreme cases — all of these body parts. At the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan, our expert Little Rock spinal cord injury attorneys seek maximum recoveries for all of these injury types. As the effects of paralysis can last a lifetime, those afflicted with it will need a compensation figure to match.

Injury Origin

Some accidents have the ability to impart full or partial paralysis to the victim as well as other injuries. In a large number of cases, automobile accidents cause a substantial number of victims to be paralyzed for life. Our expert Little Rock spinal cord injury attorneys have successfully sought maximum compensation for victims of spinal cord accidents stemming from:

Contact our law office today if you or a loved one have been paralyzed in one of these tragic accidents. It often takes aggressive, unrelenting legal action to ensure that a much needed maximum recovery is awarded. Our top spinal cord injury attorneys will passionately work with you to help you procure this much needed compensation.


Information and statistics gathered by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that the average first year expenses for someone with a spinal cord injury can range from $228,566 to $775,567. Over the course of life, a paralyzed person can incur more than $3 million in medical bills and expenses. Due to these extreme costs, a person who suffers a spinal cord injury as the result of the negligence of another person will absolutely need the best attorneys in the business to help them acquire a maximum recovery. The effects of paralysis, though modern medicine is always improving, generally last a lifetime and victims will need a figure that will continue to provide for them over time. Contact our law office today for help.

Courageous Litigation for Maximized Recoveries

Over the past decade our top law firm has helped victims seek full recoveries due to spinal cord injuries. We regularly accept tough, challenging, and high-stakes cases that others simply turn down or shy away from. In our time serving the greater Arkansas area, the experienced Little Rock spinal cord injury attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan will be at your side from start to finish.

Serious injuries demand serious litigation. The pain and suffering after one of these injuries can last a lifetime; victims will need a total compensation figure that will continue to provide for them, long after their accident took place. Contact the experienced Little Rock spinal cord injury attorneys at our law firm today. With our unparalleled legal expertise we can help you towards a maximum recovery for your injury or loss. Our law office can be reached at 501.296.9820. Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail and we will respond to you in a timely manner.

Don’t let this injury dictate how you live your life; our courageous, caring, and committed attorneys are here for you during this difficult time. Please call or contact us today.

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