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Large corporate entities and even government agencies can go through great lengths to keep their misconduct, fraud, or other wrongdoings unnoticed. In cases such as these, it usually takes someone on the inside, working for the company or government, to step forward with evidence that gross misconduct has taken place. These lone individuals who come forward with knowledge of wrongdoings are known as whistleblowers and are essentially the first to stand up and let the world know that there is misconduct taking place. If you have knowledge or evidence of illegal activities a company you work for may be engaging in, seek the service of our team of attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan today. Our expert whistleblower attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to hold these corporate giants accountable for their actions.

Protecting Your Rights

Arguably the largest fear people have when coming forward with incriminating information about a company is the fear of retaliation against them. People may be afraid to lose their job and then be unable to adequately provide for their family. Fortunately for you, there are incredibly strict laws in place protecting your rights as a whistleblower in these circumstances. A person cannot be fired for going to the authorities when they have reason to believe that misconduct has taken place. Companies are absolutely forbidden from retaliating against their employees if an individual comes forward and “blows the whistle”.

When you trust your whistleblower case to the experienced attorneys at our law firm, know that you are backed by the full power of the United States justice system. Our aggressive whistleblower attorneys will fervently pursue justice and make it a personal endeavor to hold these greedy companies responsible for the actions they take. In times when other firms may back down or shy away from these large, high-profile cases, know that our attorneys will fight against these corporate wrongdoings until the very end — never backing down, never being intimidated.

Whistleblower Case Types

Our law firm takes on whistleblower cases under a wide variety of circumstances. We handle cases where whistleblowers come forward with knowledge of, but not limited to:

  • Safety Hazards
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Malpractice
  • Health Threats
  • Unsafe Working Conditions
  • Defective Products
  • False Billing
  • Illegal Waste Disposal
  • Tax Evasion
  • Corporate Misconduct

Speak with one of our elite Little Rock whistleblower attorneys today if you have information regarding the illicit activities that a company you work for may be involved in.

Courageous Litigation

Over the past decade, our top Little Rock personal injury lawyers have helped whistleblowers uncover and reveal the full extent of corporate greed and misconduct. We regularly accept tough, challenging, and high-stakes cases that others simply turn down or shy away from. In our time serving the greater Arkansas area, the experienced Little Rock whistleblower attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas G. Buchanan have consistently averaged a recovery figure of over half a million dollars. This fact alone helps illustrate the tenacity and integrity that our attorneys carry with them into the courtroom — for every client, every day.

When large companies engage in illegal activities, they have the potential to put the health and well being of millions of people at risk in an instant. Our law firm takes pride in the fact that the service we offer to our clients helps hold these entities directly responsible for the actions they take. In some cases, the whistleblower is entitled to substantial financial compensation for coming forward with the evidence or information that eventually leads to action being taken against the company or agency.

Fear of retaliation for your willingness to expose this massive corruption should not concern you as our courageous, caring, and committed attorneys will use the full power of the justice system to ensure your rights are not infringed upon. Please call or contact us today, we are here to help.


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